CADE International
John J.

Seminar Leader

Education Center


A Get You Started Seminar by John J. Capela

This seminar is an introduction to the businesses of importing and exporting. It is designed for persons who want to either start their own international business, or diversify the activities of their existing firms.

This program has a high information content. It uses the lecture approach, but also allows time for questions on subjects of special interest to participants.

The subject matter is the following:

1. Who can go into the import/export business

2. How to set up this kind of business

3. Selecting products and lining up suppliers

4. Choosing target markets and finding customers

5. International Trade Procedures

6. Customs and other regulatory trade agencies

7. Sources of information and assistance

8. Putting it all together

This is a 6 hour seminar that can be presented to your organization. It is designed for individuals or groups that are interested in exploring the possibility of building and starting their own import/export business (entrepreneurs) or companies that are interested in expanding the operations of their existing business. This can be accomplished by using importing as a way to spread the supply risk, lower costs and identify new products or exporting as a way to increase sales by identifying new markets.


This course can also be re-designed and provided to individuals in an online format.